Favorite web resources (all free):

For Parents: Hand in hand parenting is a parent-supportive web-site and organization that offers parenting advice, child development information,  and parent support. This organization has its origins in ucla department of child psychology. The information is grounded in the latest child development, parenting, and attachment research.  


Holistic Health: Dr. Axe is a naturopathic physician. Yes, he sells products, but, in my opinion, they are good quality products. The reason I recommend his website is because he offers free information on just about everything naturopathic: remedies, nutrition, recipes, essential oils, herbs, vitamins, minerals...  He gives recipes to make your own skin care products and even laundry detergent.  


Mental Health: Hillary Jacobs Hendel is an AEDP faculty member. Her blog The Change Triangle is based on her book of that name. She explains how and why of mental health and relationship difficulties in the most accessible plain-speak manner that I have yet to read. She offers many practical self-help strategies.


Culture Food: Maria Popova's award winning blog, brainpickings, is a weekly immersion into her inspiring world of literature, poetry, history, art, wrapped in a surprising collage each Sunday morning. A present for your inbox.  


Books: Delancy place delivers a short excerpt of new and old non-fiction/history books everyday to your email.  It is delivered with a just a little commentary for context.