• Carrie Ruggieri

Herd healing and the human heart #4

Here is an example of those inner treasures that enabled the human to mount that horse. The minnow girl is still has access for the capacity for resonance with her natural environment, to feel the emotional and somatic tone around her and allow this to impact her. She can easily synchronize with the fish. Contrast this with the adult, who is only trying to educate her daughter. The mother approaches with.an inquisitive mind, she observes and thinks, and she applies her knowledge of fish behavior. In short, the mother like most adults is using her dominant left brain, while the daughter is still in operating within the developmental phases where the right brain dominates. Ian McGilchrist writes about the dramatic and increasingly severe shift toward left-brain dominance at least since industrialization, but certainly sooner. Probably since the expansion of civilization enabled by horse transport.