• Carrie Ruggieri

Herd healing and the human heart #1

Civilization was launched on the back of a horse. I mean that literally. Not much happened in human progress prior to 7,000 or so years ago when a brave man/woman got on the back of a brave horse and galloped away from the tribe/herd. Since that time the horse has enabled territorial discovery, agricultural trade, transport, technology and creative inspiration through out every era and culture. A quote from my article*: In our most intimate cultural moments, humans looked to the horse for courage, solace and hope. The rider-less horse honors our fallen presidents and soldiers. Seabiscuit, an underdog race horse, rallied an entire country, and inspired broken spirits during the Great Depression (Hillenbrand, 2001). Horses fought with valor along with their soldiers in war, carried the dead home, and were themselves buried with military honors. The magnificence of the Lipizzaner horses persuaded WWII General Patton, much to his own bewilderment, to risk essential military resources to the rescue of these 250+ horses from the claws of the Soviet Army (Letts, 2016).

Today, the horse heals the injured spirits of our war heroes[4], mobilizes the hips of disabled children in the exact mechanical ways that mimic walking, and heals psychic wounds through their highly refined means of social bonding."

*Ruggieri, C. (2019). AEDP-Informed Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Journal Transformance. Vol. 8, Issue 2.