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Carrie Ruggieri, LMHC, BCETS

Licensed Mental Health Counselor ~ Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress

Rhode Island AEDP Therapy

I work exclusively on zoom


My clients have challenged me to discover ever deeper and wider capacities to find truth, love and wisdom in even the most tragic circumstances. To meet these challenges I have grown into myself as a healer, much in the way I witness my clients grow into their true potential and authentic  self. Along the way, I have met many angels disguised as humans. 
People often ask me if my work is depressing.  The answer is No. Not at all. I am always astounded by the human capacity for resilience and healing.  It is my honor to guide my clients through their journey of healing and optimal development.  Most people only discover their capacity to overcome even the most unspeakable horrors, of their great courage, and of the depths of their self-compassion and forgiveness, when they must draw upon these inborn resources in times of crisis.  Neuroscience confirmed that emotional healing and resiliency  is as inherent in our biology as is physical healing.

The theories and practices that influence my work are grounded in the field of relational neuroscience. Relational neuroscience explains how the social brain functions to create the human experience. Most exciting to me, as a psychotherapist,is that neuroscience now validates what healers have always known; that is, the healing actions of the mind/brain can only occur in the context of the safe, attuned, and trusting therapeutic relationship. 

My approach is non-pathologizing. Symptoms and dysfunctional social patterns  arise as necessary mechanisms in face of overwhelming experiences. You will learn to appreciate the creative and resilient nature of your mind to cope with the unbearable. 
I am delighted to share with you my earned wisdom, learning and passion, as we navigate through your healing to achieve our natural state of being; that is, of wellbeing. As you explore these pages I hope you experience clarity, and a
sense of satisfaction that it all makes good sense.

I welcome your feedback and questions,
​Carrie Ruggieri

Icelandic Horses

"Life is regulated within a range that is not just compatible with survival

but is also conducive to flourishing." Damasio 2019

I will strive for us to transform your 

surviving into thriving 

to dignify and liberate every emotion

to achieve a balance of autonomy and interconnectedness 

to expand, moment-to-moment, experiences of pleasure
and wonderment

to be inspired by the ordinary 

to recognize and vitalize your authentic self

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